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Rice Barn

Benjamin Rice and his three sons constructed this two-story barn between 1918 and 1920. The log structure sits on a rock and masonry foundation

Myers Cabin (Interior)

Lulu Myers Cabin This two-story log structure, built in 1885 by Charles Delker under the Federal Homestead Act, sat along the bank of the

1883 Dillon School House

Communities across America had one room school houses in the late 19th century -- over 100,000 in 1900. Today, only 400 still stand. Built

Archives & Collections


The Summit Historical Society museum has archival materials available for research purposes.

We actively collect maps, letters, photographs, documents, and videos that help tell the stories of our county’s rich heritage.

For questions on donation contact Quinn Walcott at


In addition to paper objects that make up the archives, the Society also collects objects of historical value. We have been collecting and preserving Summit County historical artifacts since 1966. Everything from books, to clothing and textiles, to farming tools and historic skis are part of our current and growing collection.

We are in the process of an extensive inventory. We match paperwork to objects, create digital records and photograph the objects. Check back for digitized collections and online exhibits!

We hold particular interest in the “untold” stories of history. Specifically, we love the “everyday” people who made our past fascinating.

Do you have something to donate to our collection or archive? Do you have an interest in research opportunities?

Please call us at 970-468-2207. Or email

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