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The Summit Historical Society is dedicated to the discovery, preservation, interpretation, and exhibition of the rich heritage and history of Summit County. We provide tours of historic buildings and mine sites, maintain a collection of artifacts, photographs, and documents, and conduct public education programs. Whether your interests lie in our gold rush days, skiing history, or our Native American heritage, come visit us at the Summit. This website also intends to bring together and keep informed all members and friends of the Summit Historical Society. Here you will find information about historic sites. There is also information about volunteer opportunities.

About Us

The Summit Historical Society (SHS) was incorporated on October 25, 1966, as a private, nonprofit, tax-exempt State of Colorado 501(c) (3) corporation. As such, contributions are tax deductible as permitted by section 170 IRS Code.


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Lake Dillon Boat Rides. 1883 Schoolhouse Museum Tours. Historic Cabins. Dillon Walking Tours.


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