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The mission of the Summit Historical Society is to preserve and collect, provide education and interpretation and engage our community in the history of Summit County, Colorado. Your generous contributions help maintain the collections and archives. You help preserve the buildings and support the programs. With your support, you help continue to tell the stories of Summit County’s rich history.




Want to find an effortless way to give? With PayPal, you can donate your money directly to us. Click on the button below to donate your money to the Summit Historical Society. No matter how much you decide to give, every donation counts. Your contributions go toward the preservation, collection, and historical education of Summit County, Colorado.

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Support the Summit Historical Society with an online ColoradoGives donation to keep Summit County, Colorado history alive! is our year-round, online giving website. It features the missions, programs, and finances of more than 2,500 Colorado nonprofits. This includes the Summit Historical Society. Support us monthly or once per year on ColoradoGives Day.

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To enroll in the City Market Community Rewards Program:

  1. First, visit City Market Rewards.
  2. Then, Sign In or Create an Account to Enroll.
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  4. Type in the charity of choice, “Summit Historical Society”.
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To enroll in Amazon Smile:

  1. First, go to
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There Are Still Many Other Ways To Give

Stocks, Bonds and Planned Giving

We accept stocks and bonds into our Charles Schwab investment fund. Bonds or planned giving will benefit our endowment account. This ensures our future. We also accept bequests, charitable remainders, trusts and other planned giving options of your choice. Please contact the office to inquire.

Donating Objects

Since its inception in 1966, the Summit Historical Society has been the proud keeper of historic sites. We also keep over 5,000 three-dimensional and archival artifacts that tell the historical stories of Summit County, then and now. This collection includes clothing, photographs, architectural drawings, manuscripts, personal papers and business/industrial papers. It also includes documents, advertising, locally published newspapers, scrapbooks, bound volumes, and slides. Our objects date back to the mid 19th century to the present with Summit County provenance.

If you are interested in donating items to the museum, please contact Summit Historical Society Office.

Donating Stories

The Summit Historical Society supports telling inspiring stories. Support the Society with your stories of Summit County. Contact the Office at (970) 468-2207, or share your story via email at .

For donation inquiries, please contact Summit Historical Society Office by phone at (970) 468-2207, or by email at .